Helping you become fully alive

Every day we can take a step closer to Jesus or further away. We choose the former. At Lifehouse, we believe an active relationship with Jesus is all about living our lives with the nine habits of a 3C Christ Follower. These habits will enable you to become fully alive.

We are committed to partnering with you on your journey. Whether you are looking to invest in one of the habits for the first time or you want to go deeper in a habit you already have, we are here for you every step of the way. So, what are you waiting for? Check out the nine habits of a 3C Christ Follower and let us help you become fully alive!




WORSHIP – Gathering together to praise and celebrate God corporately. It is the act of joining with the Body of Christ to acknowledge who God is and give Him glory.


DAILY ENCOUNTER– Regular time set aside each day to encounter the living God through Scripture, prayer, silence, etc. It is the act of you and God coming face-to-face.


SURRENDER– Abandoning of yourself and a humbling before God and His will for your life. It is the act of submitting your will to the will of God every single day.



LIFE GROUPS- Entering into a small group community that you share life with. It is the act of investing in a community of people where you mutually care for, pray for, and encourage one another.


SPIRITUAL FRIENDSHIPS- Investing in strong, deep, and accountable spiritual relationships with specific people.  It is the act of inviting someone into your life and giving them permission to spur you on toward becoming fully alive.


INVEST IN OTHERS- Spreading the love and grace of Jesus to all people. It is the act of loving everyone, even people you don’t know or don’t like, just as Jesus has loved you.



MINISTRY TEAMS- Using your God-given gifts and abilities to grow the Kingdom of God through the local church. It is the act of living into the fullness of what God created you for as a member of the body of Christ.


FINANCIAL GENEROSITY- Giving the first and the best of what God has given to you back to Him. It is the act of putting God first in your finances by empowering the Church to grow the Kingdom.


SHARE YOUR STORY- Telling the world about what God has done for you. It is the act of sharing the story of Jesus by simply sharing what He has done for you and inviting others to experience the same.

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