Welcome To Lifehouse's Care Team

At Lifehouse Community Church, our Care Team’s mission is to nurture people by carrying out God’s command to love our neighbors. It is our vision that each member of Lifehouse feel God’s grace in their own lives and share the love and compassion of Christ with others, in both good times and bad.

The Care Team is made up of a group of people that come together to pray for, care for, help, and love on members of our congregation as needs arise. For example, the Care Team will pray for our members and guests, coordinate and help with meals for births, funerals, or other needs, coordinate visitations, assist families going through hard times and maybe even mow a lawn or two if needed.

Should you have need, please email careteam@lifehousefw.com or leave a message on the church office (260) 637-3798 (Ext. 7).